Why are Vintage Edison Bulb Fixtures so Popular?

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Nothing sets the mood and is the closest thing to an open flame like a classic, vintage looking light bulb. You can still enjoy the amber glow of early 20th century lighting with modern technology. That's the beauty of lighting decor! Adding an exposed flame- or torpedo- shaped Edison bulb to a light fixture with a candelabra base will do just that. With their warm, comforting and nostalgic glow, Edison bulbs in light fixtures elevate the look of modern light fixtures.

Transform Your Modern Chandelier to a Vintage Look with Edison Bulbs

If you still love that modern look, and want to quickly add a vintage style, use Edison candelabra bulbs. Crystal chandeliers take on a particularly nostalgic, magical and elegant appearance when illuminated by the glow of decorative Edison bulbs.

Use Edison Bulbs for Special Lighting

Soft glowing lamps can add a special romantic touch around the dining room table or in the bedroom. Many people choose to use vintage looking bulbs that showcase a warm glowing light for special lighting situations and for atmospheric applications.
Visit an online store for ideas on the nostalgic atmosphere Edison bulb fixtures will provide.