Why are Vintage Edison Bulb Fixtures so Popular?

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Vintage Edison bulbs are a popular lighting option and are renowned for magical qualities like;

• Their romantic warm glow
• Their flame or torpedo shaped bulbs
• And most of all, for their beauty

Edison bulbs are also popular because they produce a nostalgic ambiance! The beauty of the bulb is that you can actually look at it, and it is a pleasure to look at. They not only emit less glare, but Edison bulbs are also gorgeous.

When dimmed down to a lower light, Edison bulbs look magnificent! Dim down the bulbs and they really set the mood.

So, transform your modern lighting and enjoy the magical quality that vintage Edison bulb fixtures can provide.
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Nothing sets the mood and is the closest thing to an open flame like a classic, vintage looking light bulb. You can still enjoy the amber glow of early 20th century lighting with modern technology. Adding an exposed flame- or torpedo- shaped Edison bulb to a light fixture with a candelabra base will do just that. With their warm, comforting and nostalgic glow, Edison bulbs in light fixtures elevate the look of modern light fixtures.

Transform Your Modern Chandelier to a Vintage Look with Edison Bulbs

A quick way to transform your modern chandelier to a vintage style chandelier is to use Edison candelabra bulbs. Crystal chandeliers take on a particularly nostalgic, magical and elegant appearance when illuminated by the glow of decorative Edison bulbs.

Use Edison Bulbs for Special Lighting

Soft glowing lamps can add a special romantic touch around the dining room table or in the bedroom. Many people choose to use vintage looking bulbs that showcase a warm glowing light for special lighting situations and for atmospheric applications.
Visit an online store for ideas on the nostalgic atmosphere Edison bulb fixtures will provide.